Fair & lovely Men instant oil clear face wash 50g

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  • Fair & Lovely Men's Rapid Brightness Face Wash is designed for the man of today and is perfect for daily use. In your busy day, you're exposed to harsh elements all the time, especially sun and pollution. Daily exposure can cause your skin to go dark, dull and blocked pores can cause pimples and acne!

  • Understanding these challenges that men have to face, the International experts at Fair & Lovely have designed this face wash especially for men. Its multivitamin boost combined with Rapid Action Technology work to remove impurities to brighten skin in just 1 wash! While icy cool menthol leaves your skin feeling cool and refreshed. Use the face wash in the morning for a bright start to the day, and once you are back home to remove all the impurities.
  • Men's Fair and Lovely Rapid Action Instant Brightness face wash is designed to give one-wash instant bright look

  • It eliminates impurities, leaving skin visibly bright while icy menthol leaves your skin feeling cool and fresh

  • The multivitamin boost formula works with Rapid Action Technology to gives you an instant bright look

  • Safe to use daily, and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

  • A quality men's skin care product from the International experts at Fair & Lovely

  • For best results, use Fair & Lovely instant Brightness Rapid Action cream after washing your face