Gillette Series Protection Shave Gel 200ml

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  • The lightly scented comfort gel formula for sensitive skin foams quickly, is easy to apply and reduces friction and irritation. Hydrates, protects and refreshes.

  • Move gently around the skin in slow circular movements to reach wherever you want to shave. If you have sensitive skin, leave the shaving gel as long as possible. This softens the hair and helps make shaving easier.

  • Characteristics:

  •    - Softens beards or hairs and ensures a smooth movement of the razor along the skin, even if shaved in the direction of beard growth.

  •    - Protects the skin from irritation.

  •    - Composition with triple protection properties: moisturizes, treats and protects.

  •    - Rich protective foam.

  •    - Contains almond oil.

  • Instructions for use:

  •    Put a small amount of gel in the palm of the hand, moisten with water and apply to the skin.