Nutrafil 3 Growing Up Milk Formula 400Gm



  • Nutrafil 3 contains high quality 100% milk protein with positive nitrogen balance which is incredibly important for body musles.
  • Nutrafil 3 is our most advanced formula with Bifidus + for immunity & brain development in early stages providing nutritional protection. Nutrafil 3 is formulated with bifidus which contains nitrogen and stimulates the growth of BifidobacteriumAnimalis in the intestine. Bifidus protects your child from intestinal infection and helps prevent the development of unfriendly or disease causing bacteria.
  • Nutrafil 3 provides bifidus to maintain healthy intestinal micro flora to support digestive health and comfort.

From the age of 1 year onwards, parents often become concerned about their child's eating habits. This is the age where the eating habits for later life are established and it is therefore important that a positive attitude towards food is formed and sound eating habits are developed.

The latest consultation of international experts, convened to assess energy requirements, agreed that the energy intake from food must allow a level of physical activity consistent with long-term good health and adequate growth in children.