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Acnes C10 Serum 15ml

Acnes C10 Serum 15ml

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Product Description:

Product Name: Acnes C10 15ml

pack Size: 15ml

Generic Name: Vitamin C 10%

Manufactured By: Rohrto-Mentholatum (Vietnam) co., LTD

Acnes C10 contain Vitamin C,also called Ascorbic Acid, is a strong anti – oxidant, which can solve many skin problem like fading out dark spot, inhibit formation of melanin and fade out melanin, brighten skin, face out blackish and burnt. Vitamin C enhance  formulation of collagen, fulfill scar.

Acne c10 with high concentration of pure vitamin C 10%, stable formulation and absorb better, oil free, preservative free.

Supply vitamin c everyday for skin in secret to have a young and beautiful skin. The volume of the product is 15 ml. 

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