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Hicap M Tablet

Hicap M Tablet

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Product Description

Product Name: Hicap-M Tab 60's

Product Form: Tablets

Pack Size: 60's

Manufactured By: HIMONT PHARMA (PVT) LTD

Generic Category: Multivitamins with Minerals

Ingredients: Vitamin A 5000IU., Iron 50mg, Vitamin D500IU., Iodine 100mg, Vitamin B1 10mg, Magnesium 10mg, Vitamin B2 10mg Copper 2mg, Vitamin B6 4mg, Zinc 15mg, Vitamin B12 5mcg, Manganese 5mg,Vitamin E 5mcg, Chromium 15mcg, Vitamin C 50IU., Selenium 15mcg Calcium Pantothenate 20mg, Molybdenum 15mcg,Folic Acid 1mg, Potassium 7.5mg, Biotin 200mcg, Calcium 100mg, Nicotinamide 50mg, Phosphorus 25mg

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