Nexera Toothpaste 150g

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Prevents Tooth Mobility With Fluoride effective Against Cavities & Decaystops Gum Bleeding & Tooth Painnatural Goodness Of Clovesstrongest, Whitest & Shiniest Teeth *We try to make sure that all product pictures, prices and pack sizes are accurate. However, these specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Actual product packaging and prices will be as per the latest policy of brand/respective company.

  • Prevents Tooth Mobility with Fluoride
  • Effective Against Cavities & Decay
  • Stops Gum Bleeding & Tooth Pain
  • Natural Goodness of Cloves
  • Strongest, Whitest & Shiniest Teet
  • Stops Gum Bleeding
  • Stops Tooth pain
  • Effective against Cavities + Decay
  • Prevents Tooth Mobility
  • Makes teeth, Strongest, Whitest, Shiniest