Smooth Care Wax Strip Midi Pack

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  • It is made of new advance hair removal technology, mild in texture without damage to skin and pain, effectively removes excess hair from the extremities and oxters and leaves the skin natural, fair & smooth, The special additions of the ocean squalene essence and natural honey brings a moist & refreshing feeling to the skin, soothes & smooth skin, minimizes pores, prevents the dry, rough & sensitive skin and leaves the skin extra smooth & delicate.
  • Warm te hari removal strips by massage between hands for 5 seconds.
  • Tear the hari removal stripsapart slowly. The strips can be used repeatedly. Stick the 2 pieces of used hair removal strips together, Warm them by hand massage for a few second, and tear them apart slowly.
  • Apply hair removal strips to the skin with hair along the direction of the hair growth, press the strip along the direction of the hair growth for a few times.
  • Rip off the strips rapidly against the direction of the hair growth.
  • The more rapidly, the better! keep straining the muscle to avid any discomfort.
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